Kent Scareground

Our Story

In 2016, after many years of visiting and enjoying various scare attractions all over the UK, as a family we decided it was time to jump in head first and put on our own Halloween scare event. As a family of five, putting together a scare maze was exciting but very daunting.

To our surprise the event was a smash and received outstanding reviews from all that attended including those already in the scare industry. We even won an award for the Best New Event 2016 and also had a nomination for the UK’s Number 1 Scare Attraction. After the success of our first ever event it was obvious that we needed to return for a second year.

So with the wheels in motion and many of our scare team returning we were all set for another exciting year. However this next Halloween season we received a lot of negativity with regards to our attraction’s name. We were previously named Mad House Margate, located at The Westgate Pavilion in Thanet. Despite the concerns and the added pressure of introducing a second maze, alongside the original, the scare team pulled together and managed to pull off another amazingly terrifying smash event and we even bagged another nomination, this time for Best Set, Costume and Make-up. During this second year it became clear that every member of the scare team was not just a group of people taking part and actors but a huge addition to the family. Every single member of the team were our biggest supporters, creators, motivators and shoulders to cry on. Basically everything that a family is, is what the Mad House Margate scare team became super quickly. This ethos was noticed by those within the scare industry and we were invited to ScareCon to hold a seminar ‘We are Family – The Art of Collaborative Working’ which explained our entire family run event and the impact of collaboration and teamwork. We spoke about how group discussion and exploration between family, the cast and crew allows us to create unique experiences on a shoestring budget whilst utilising modern technology.

As the third year rolled around faster than you could ever imagine our MHM family was ready and pumped for the biggest year to date. However it was becoming increasingly apparent that MHM had completely outgrown the little hidden gem that was The Westgate Pavilion and it was clear that the event was limited in expanding and creating more haunts and an all-round larger attraction. The third year came with a variety of obstacles and the event even came super close to being unable to run at all but purely down to the hard work, commitment, blood, sweat and tears of everyone in our MHM family, the event went ahead one day later than planned.

We have never ever experienced love and support quite like what the scare team gave us and we will always be so grateful, thankful and hold so much love for all our team. It’s cliche but we really are one big family.