Kent Scareground


Immersive Scare Mazes We have created 3 brand new scare mazes for you to come and enjoy that are all completely unique and will be sure to leave you wanting more. Although, Screamworld, Snyder’s and Camp Slaughter are our main attractions at Kent Scareground they are only one part of what we have in store for you at the event.

Live Entertainment

We will be inviting local bands and amazing acts to come and entertain with Live Music at our event this year. Whether you are waiting to enter an attraction, popping to the toilet or grabbing something to eat or drink, the atmosphere will be something you won’t want to miss out on.

Food + Drink

Do not worry we have got you! There will be plenty of options to grab some food and refreshments whilst you are visiting Kent Scareground. We will provide an area you can sit and enjoy the Live Music between attractions.

Rides & Attractions

There is certainly no shortage of things to do at Kent Scareground this Halloween. In addition to our scare mazes, you can also ride unlimited at our FunFair or simply just sit in our entertainment area and enjoy the live music. However don’t get too comfortable, as you may be greeted by one of our street actors…

Escape Game

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We have invited the team at Mythologic Escape Rooms to come and run one of their Halloween games at our event this year. Everybody loves an escape game and the team have created a short game you can enjoy at the event and still have enough time to experience everything else we have to offer. Bookings for this can be made through their website for the game ‘The Alter’ Wandering through the woods with your friends when you stumbled upon a hidden staircase leading down into the earth, curiosity gets the better of you and you head down. The door closes behind you, dim lighting illuminates a dismembered corpse, can you escape before you end up on The Altar and become the next sacrifice?